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AR coating

Available for mineral and organic lenses, the anti-reflective coating increases sharpness of vision.

  • Scratch resistant on both sides of the lens
  • Essential for organic high index lenses, for polycarbonate lenses and Trivex┬«, for photochromic or polarizing lenses
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The AR coating includes:

  • Adhesive layer: it serves as a base for other coatings ensuring attachment to the lens
  • AR anti-glare layer: it minimises reflections and glare both in front and behind the lens
  • It enhances eyewear appeal
  • It improves clarity and visual quality
  • It reduces fatigue, headache and eyestrain
  • It increase the transmission of visible light
  • For organic lenses, the anti-reflective coating is only possible if the lens is scratch proof
  • It can have up to 7 layers (improving the quality of the anti-reflective coating)
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